Vox Populi Minecraft Network

IP: play.voxmc.org

  • Why you should play on Vox Populi

    Many of us play Minecraft for one reason or another, whether to mine, fight, farm, or simply just hang out. On Vox Populi, we give you the ability to play the way you like. Because no matter how you spend your time, there will always be something to enhance your experience, from Archeology to Export to even building your own town. And you’ll be sure that every feature will be kept at the highest quality possible.

    For the RPG fans, we have Skills, Classes, Races, Dungeons, and much more to take combat to the next level, while those of the avaricious sort may buy and sell items to their heart’s content with our various economy systems and features such as the Global Market.

    Our community is small, yet tightly knit and open all the same. As staff of Vox Populi, we play and interact with everyone like any other player, because we are made up of the very people we’re playing alongside.

    We were all brought together by our founder Zombiemold, and without him, Vox wouldn’t have happened. We will strive to keep Vox aligned with his visions and uphold his legacy, in his memory, for as long as possible.